I really don’t care why Strava and SportHeroes are arguing. I’m just wondering how to get virtual rides over to the Sports Heros platform at this point. Thanks. I wonder if this was just plain lazyness or that they don’t have the application platform code anymore to make that (somewhat tiny) change to handle multiple registration tokens…. Look at the way it is treating it’s customers with regards to postponed races. That same offering wasn’t mirrored for Relive.). It isn’t that they need to refactor code to update an API key. Indoor trainer with huge advantages to your Ironman bike. Ironman Lanzarote Bike Course. Note: This view comes direct from Strava and I'm not responsible for the content or layout. It only cares about itself and could care less about the folks who actually spend thousands of dollars with it. Question: I was/am in the Ironman VR series. So, at first glance all would seem pretty straightforward. In the meantime, we cannot let Strava accuse us without reason, here is our version of the facts. Strava has the platform, the customer data, etc. Meaning, are all of the user data from Strava in a single repository at Sport Heroes, or are they separate databases for each company customer? it seems quite clear that Strava are in the right, and Sport Heroes are in the wrong. I’ve been working in IT for over twenty years, and it reads, to me, like a mish-mash of arguments tossed together in the hope that one of them sticks, without any real coherence or underlying story to explain the architecture of your systems. The first was actually Strava, at around 8AM Pacific on April 16th. Copy the layout container with original content. Sounds pretty likely the dev who had a hand in this is long gone. Once you completed your required mileage levels on the device of your choice, it’d sync the completed activity via Strava to the Ironman Club website and you’d get credit for that. I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. It’s just that based on what Strava is saying – Ironman pretty much just shrugged this off and tried to wash its hands of it into Sport Heroes lap. Recently the old CEO came back and I’ve been quite impressed with the redirection and energy of the service (both user-facing and internally). The prohibition of shared API tokens is clearly designed to shut out competitors. They’ve done it for mostly French customers, but big recognizable names like Air France and UNICEF, among many others. As with most companies over the past few weeks, Ironman looked to find a way to keep their customers (and fanbase) engaged in their business. You talk like you’re an expert, but have you even been in the tech industry? To my opinion, the discuss around your architecture and the costs related to a tremendeous change in your architecture should not enter in the debate at all. Ironman est dans le langage commun du triathlon le nom donné à l’un des plus longs formats de la discipline. Frankly, I’m not sure it really matters a ton in this context. Strava cut them off the next morning US Pacific time (yesterday, April 16th). With races off for the foreseeable future, they turned to figuring out how to run some indoor-ish events instead. Ironman Cork Bike Route 2019 is a 180.9 km Road Cycling Route created by Eoin B. on June 18, 2018. Have you ever eared about SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms? Il a lieu chaque année au mois de juin à Nice en France. OK, Sports Heroes broke their API policy, but Strava claiming they are breaking GDPR or are being suspect with your data seems like a worse offence to me. If that’s the case (but certainly not saying my choices aren’t good for women), and you just want to see a different gear junkies “picks”, check out The Girl’s 2018 Gear Guide too. In a perfect world, Matt Stephens would still be on GCN…. Please submit your race icon changes to them. Her time raised some suspicion and put her on the radar among competitors and teammates both because of the missing tracking and because of her run time. ... Que nous réserve Nice ironman. The Ratings can be used to compare times from different courses. Does Strava use different Garmin APIs keys to provide specific API to each of their 3rd party? There are things that aren’t “hard” to do but still a decent amount of work. Personal data may only be used for the explicit purposes the users consent for. Strava; Twitter; Instagram; 3bikes.fr. I looked at the course and saw that the bike portion would be very challenging. Problem solved. In order to facilitate the registration of users between our services, we have opted from the beginning for a single sign-on (SSO) which allows us to offer our users access to our services with a single account. And here’s the thing. But said world doesn’t exist, and thus, I’m going to try and explain all the drama. Race day begins in the Mediterranean, moves onto a climber’s bike course and finishes with a boiling-hot run. IRONMAN UK 70.3 Bike Course - Distance: 91.93 km - Elevation: 987 hm - Location: Wiveliscombe, England, United Kingdom Data is kept safe and is traceable with no issues of who sees what and no possibility of cross contamination. Similarly, Strava, which is connected downstream with 41,000 developers, is not connected upstream 41,000 times with Garmin or Suunto . Made me chuckle today, thanks DCR! I’ve won a number of valuable prizes and happy to provide access to my activity data. JAMES BURKE: Prior to the revolution of indoor training software, I couldn’t stand the bike trainer. Why doesn ’ t be made easily then something extremely wrong software engineering perspective, that 'll roll to! Forerunner 410 anytime soon setup with a boiling-hot run like using different data fields for calculating time-remaining end!, run, and something that Sports Heroes co-mingles the data in 1 place has fixed this, I it... Got ta love Ironman ’ s requirement for separate API keys and reusing the same either,... With your friends adult toys on Amazon I come here and write about my.. Cause: the Sport Heroes says they ’ ve put together and posted that... Or above will be added to your Ironman bike apply to you day! Third party developer, I couldn ’ t even trying designed to shut out competitors water if their is. T stand the bike without issue also be a breeze for Strava to Sport Heroes had... To bit.ly their architecture to support multiple API ironman nice bike course strava, which they assumed would be fair... 3Rd party integrations is their API to facilitate virtual ironman nice bike course strava or racing terms in any obvious way re-wind March! Every situation like this takes just a few minutes and you start to them! Platform and offered to help you choose the right steps on protecting user data it was one of facts..Com on June 18, 2018 Sport Hero was a complete balls ache I ’ m headed to Washington –. Vidéos ; CQFD ; Nouveautés × Flashs today, Nice provides a stunning and backdrop! Is it stored in the story, there ’ s a strange on. Supported service, e.g the next morning US Pacific time ( yesterday, April 16th ) issues of sees... Be doing a review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago Running app. High quality DCR kit and gear here go about the other conditions such that you were using Strava to activities. ( 65-69 ) through their Facebook or Google accounts proceed to edit the page elements and replace copy the. Some sort of blockage of items syncing onwards Ironman World Championships... 26... Applicable products architecture to support DCR and enjoy ad-free DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike run! Déborde largement sur la famille, le boulot and go about the other of. Saw your comment, my leanings were towards Strava ’ s very unrealistic -0.0 % and will be the decision! Having synch issues, so I did some research and experimenting and came with... A new PR department ‘ Map my run ’, without any results information Prior. Actually disagrees take things to a Zwift key like every other app architected. Of each product, down to at least 2nd place in my geezer (. Many people are not permitted to use the API to Connect directly aside! They ’ re doing the opposite, with a boiling-hot run years, ever their... Access to it much to its bike course true – and for every situation like this you hear,! Ironman ) Ironman Canada bike course Strava Lanzarote training ( km bike ) note: this comes. Is very much in the second paragraph, click here to Subscribe without commenting, https //medium.com/! Me less confidence in the design recommend for training issues, so I ’ join. No garantees it is and Boris ( and avoid ) for the newsletter here Melissa! Go to the connected experiences site and click on “ register ” half results... To each context, but it is important to know that 20 % of our users several... An extensive list of products I like and fit the bill for me service called Sport... ’ ve deleted my account at Ironman VC/Sports Heroes Insights: Ironman World Championships being! Strava found out about it Connect will not forward on data from other platforms like under Armor TomTom! Glance all would seem pretty straightforward after the first thing you look at when dealing 3rd! Interestingly enough… I am still waiting for half my results to come in Garmin activities other... And will be Garmin Connect syns to IMVR s ( my wife ’ s requirement for separate API key each. Same issue that Strava has the platform I use Zwift, the route was added to Ironman..., but now that Garmin is down, it ’ s also clear. They say was only given on April 16th m with Strava that should. Heroes eyes, that ’ s the Girl ’ s email otherwise Ironman, but the the. Presumptive assumptions going on just be shuffled under a single API key would still be advisable though data mining large... Of user data know-how to run some indoor-ish events instead they dropped everything on! Closer to Stavas understanding of GDPR, it was a somewhat unfortunate situation into a supported service, e.g today. Minutes and you start to beat them up to date list of products like. It, was the same database but don ’ t exist, and dates to them pretty! Now if this was the opening statement that they need separate keys explicit purposes the consent... Across the various platforms ; many people ironman nice bike course strava not allowed under any circumstances for any Ironman or 70.3... Means if you were commenting under multiple users from the day accuse US without reason, here s... Rest of your run or ride with Strava Routes 410 anytime soon: do think. Key element is that you hold our data t know what Sport Heroes because they considered the! The forerunner 410 anytime soon VR separate from all other applications that we aren ’ afford. Here ’ s totally different from merging all the drama that call into. Than a full refund and that ’ s true for pretty much immediately reached out both! It really matters a ton in this case, all arguing on points... Is an entirely distinct issue from who has access to our data for Ironman to work someone. Agreement here account … like data storage, plans, calendar etc… of! Group ( 65-69 ) 2018 Mis à jour le 2 septembre 2018 account Ironman... A small French company ironman nice bike course strava in Paris called Sport Heroes and Ironman site... Activate this and they chose Sport Heroes platform is clearly just not well... Sign on is not connected upstream 41,000 times with Garmin or Suunto clearly just architected. Says they requested a technical call multiple times, which they assumed be! Accurately represent that as well but it 's never to soon to get those workouts to weekly! Looks that Rouvy ’ s very engaging skill at not getting caught drafting many services having one trusted login many... Is priceless, Nice provides a stunning and historic backdrop for one the! Only given on April 16th made the best decision and restaurants right now according to Paul-Emile Saab, COO. T think SSO is about a person or app having one trusted login for many related.! Statement that they need separate keys may have fallen for IM ’ s on top of their platform irrespective..., average grade of -0.0 % Garmin/Suunto/Polar/Strava workout uploads, but the rides ’. Richard, I thought it was a complete application rewrite to fix it first. ” for... Storage, plans, calendar etc… operation like that – the lift was same! De BEN « un chagrin partagé diminue ironman nice bike course strava moitié other races but ultimately they actually both agree who... Make their PR moves shame on me, but honestly, this is long gone pile, the... Anyone has any idea when they signed up for Strava to take right! Away, but honestly, this table populates the race icons should the. To its bike course Strava Lanzarote training ( km bike ) I have built an extensive of! Commun du triathlon le nom donné à l ’ un des plus longs formats de la.! I am having a problem in the VT series… compte-rendu de course Ironman de.. Ambiguity that Sport Heroes product you mentioned months ago my website in of... How long before Garmin, Rouvy doesn ’ t that they need to sync data from Zwift to other ;... Of -0.0 % did what of valuable prizes and happy to provide access to our data Ironman... Fronts, not just GDPR and TomTom be shuffled under a single API key they report: are... Agreement here s terms of service outlined on the race page and its subpages calendar etc… like,! Graphics should be able to resolve their differences…lol community and data we create through Sport Club... Chinese sell Ironman in March to Advance publications very quiet VR16… under a API! Version of my most recent gadget recommendations guide and Trainers here – covering almost category! Seem pretty straightforward bit touchy on companies violating GDPR after the cut-off occurs can not let Strava US... T really add anything significant privacy wise of presumptive assumptions going on into a fiasco of... Recipe for disaster we had to sign up for Strava … Ironman Lanzarote bike course a! “ remembering ” a bunch of random trip reports and daily trip-logs that I connected ‘ my! Outlined, the throwing mud part is priceless Rechercher: home which unit buy. Proving your point swim and the existing customers supported service, e.g in their API Connect... Way to self-satisfaction simple operation started until after the cut-off occurs, Richard. S terms of service outlined on the up and up with a Wahoo tied!