Pourable anchoring cement for bolts, posts, railings and other fixtures. Anchoring railing to concrete also makes it easier to change out its components as soon as you see signs of corrosion. Step 2 Mix Anchoring Cement by adding about 5 parts Anchoring Cement to 1 part clean View commercial projects built For fast, easy setting of bolts, railings or machinery into concrete, use flowable Anchor Cement. Below is a brief outline of how we recommend you mount your railing to concrete. Confil Grout is a high strength fast-setting polyester resin anchor grout ideal for fixing barriers, railings, handrails and anchoring down street furniture. Anchoring railing to concrete, brick, or masonry Specifying the anchors for a handrail or guardrail application may not be the most exciting design you ever work on as an … Step 3 Use a margin trowel to thoroughly mix the material to a fluid consistency