Continue for another 16km to the small forestry town of Holberg. If a wolf attacks, fight back. The park is considered a provincially significant coastal landmark overlooking the Bay of … At the far end of the beach (before the big rocks) clamber over driftwood towards buoys marking the trail. Distance: Up to 1.5km | Elevation Gain/Loss: none | Time: Up to 40 minutes. The best water is at the lighthouse and the two keepers are super friendly. This is a hike-in park, and there is only one parking lot available. The remains of the Cape Scott Military Road from WW2 Starting the Cape Scott Trail Depending on the season and the recent rainfall, the first 2 km of the Cape Scott Trail (after the San Josef Bay turnoff) can be both a mental and physical challenge. 36 photos North Coast Trail day 4. About 2km from Guise Bay the old plank road turns into a rough gravel road that the lighthouse keepers drive their tractor on. Emerge on the beach at San Josef Bay. My hiking speed is... slow. It’s an easy walk on the beach to get there at low tide. The only place dogs are allowed is at San Josef Bay, and they must be on a leash at all times. The beaches of Cape Scott Park are incredibly beautiful and well worth the hike in. From Guise Bay, it’s a short and easy hike to Cape Scott or to explore the nearby dunes and Experiment Bight. While you may have less beach to walk on at high tide, all parts of the trail are still accessible. I have an older version of this map and it has some good info about history and points of interest. About 2km from Nel’s Bight, the trail emerges from the forest onto Bowen Beach. There are also lots of cute cabins on Airbnb. The landscape is dominated by small trees, lots of grass, and water running everywhere. If you visit in the winter, you can stay in the cabin! How to Get to Cape Scott Provincial Park and The North Coast Trail Hiking to Cape Scott is straightforward, with signs at all junctions. Rob Mielcarski says: The WWII-era plank road on the way to the Cape Scott Lighthouse. Leaving the trailhead, the trail is a smooth crushed gravel highway. Stretch your legs before this one. Just before the highway enters Port Hardy, turn left onto Holberg Road. We were fortunate to see a pod of grey whales at Nels Bight but I wouldn’t travel the distance hoping for that! Turn right to continue around the lake to the campground. It’s a great place to base yourself for a day hike to the cape. The trail. A day hike or overnight camping at San Josef Bay (3-4km from the parking lot) is an easy hike and over a well-groomed gravel trail. Thanks for supporting my website. If you’re hiking the North Coast Trail or want a more detailed map, pick up a copy of the North Coast Trail Waterproof Map (which includes the Cape Scott Trail). Continue on this road, following signs for Cape Scott at all forks for another 19km. Cape Scott Hike | mysite Nature hugging in backcountry B.C. Follow signs into the forest to pools in the creek. Aug 11) a 7km hike one way. by | Dec 22, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Dec 22, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments A popular backpacking trip is to hike the 16.8-km Cape Scott Trail to Nels Bight, which typically requires 4–7 hours each way and is rated as easy/moderate in difficulty. Turn left into Cape Scott Park and reach the gravel parking lot a few minutes later. In wet weather, the trail can be very muddy and slippery. Pull over to let faster vehicles pass. Make a small fire and don’t burn big driftwood logs so that there is lots of wood left for everyone. There is also lots of historical garbage strewn around including parts of an old stove. A curious mink watches us from amongst the rocks. The first trail leaves from the signboard at Hansen Lagoon just before the bridge. Campfires are permitted in Cape Scott Provincial Park as long as there isn’t a regional fire ban in place. It’s a remote but beautiful place: old-growth rainforest, coastal bog, gorgeous white sand beaches, and lots of historical sites. You do need to buy a backcountry camping permit if you hike between May 1 and September 30. The park is a popular destination for backpackers during the less rainy summer season. From there, you can continue onwards to the Cape. If you need help planning your trip, as always, ask me in the comments. When we hiked the North Coast Trail, we stayed at the Glen Lyon Inn in Port Hardy first. Thanks, we’re heading out there Aug 9 so it’s great to get your feedback. (Check the BC Fire Ban website before you go. | Food Storage: Food lockers at both beaches. All of the freshwater in the park has a dark tea colour from the tannins in the soil. Make lots of noise as you hike. There is a great view from the top of the dunes and you are likely to have the beach all to yourself. The total hiking distance is approximately 59.5km. Like Like. The main attractions in the park are the trail to Cape Scott at the northwest tip of the park, and the North Coast Trail, a challenging 5-day backpacking trip. Turn left and continue through the old-growth cedar forest. If you want to camp, here is a list of drive-in campgrounds on the way to the Cape Scott trailhead: If you have time, plan to spend a few more days on northern Vancouver Island to experience the awesome whale watching, kayaking, indigenous sites, and grizzly bear tours. If you hit up Guise Bay, walked across the sandy/gressy field to the opposing beach. If you don't have the time, or the endurance, or just want some training, perhaps you should consider the Cape Scott Trail. We awoke, fed, and packed for a day hike to the Cape Scott Light House. Look for a trail heading into the forest, marked with a hanging buoy. Print out a copy of your permit or save a screenshot on your phone as the rangers will ask to see it. Try to time your visit for low tide. They like to forage for food along the beaches and in the estuaries. You should treat all water by purifying, filtering, or boiling it. I’ve seen whales, sea lions, mink, seals, and eagles. Cape Scott Park and the North Coast Trail November 30, 2020 at 12:54 PM Torrential rain any time of the year can be expected, even in summer ... time here at Cape Scott. cape scott hike. WEAR WATERPROOF BOOTS or you'll be sorry! I have returned from the Cape Scott Hike. A good one-day hike may be made to San Josef Bay (2.5 km one way), where most backpackers set up on the sandy beach fronted by sea stacks. It is an intense wilderness hike. A long line of tents along the beach at Nel’s Bight. Quiter than Nels Bight and absolutely beautiful. In the first minute, look for some huge old-growth cedar trees on the north (right) side of the trail. Turn right to go to the Fisherman River campground and outhouse. Für SCOTT gehört Radsport einfach zum Leben dazu. Hi, Thanks for sharing your trip experience. We went Labour long weekend and were blessed with 20 degree weather and sun, still lots of mud so be prepared for wet feet. ©Taryn Eyton 2014-2021 All Rights Reserved, Other Trails in Cape Scott Provincial Park, Quatse River Regional Park and Campground, Backcountry Permits section of BC Parks’ Discover Camping portal, Leave No Trace practices for going to the bathroom, Your Guide to the West Coast Trail in British Columbia, Kayaking in the Johnstone Strait: Everything You Need to Know, Wild Side Trail: Hiking and Camping Guide, Sunshine on the Edge of the World: Nootka Trail Trip Report, The Ultimate Guide to the Pacific Marine Circle Route on Vancouver Island, How to Visit Avatar Grove, Big Lonely Doug and Other Big Trees on Vancouver Island, 20+ Beautiful Weekend Getaways from Vancouver, how to get to Cape Scott Provincial Park, including driving directions and where to stay nearby, how much it costs to hike and camp at Cape Scott, a detailed trail description of the hike from the trailhead to Cape Scott lighthouse, other hikes in the area including San Josef Bay, where to camp in Cape Scott Provincial Park, tips for making your Cape Scott trip a success, Western Forest Products San Josef River Rec Site (Near the trailhead), San Josef Heritage Park (Near the trailhead). The slower you walk, the less likely you will be to slip and fall. Follow the WWII era plank road through the forest. There are also two trails to Hansen Lagoon on the south side of the trail just before Nel’s Bight. North Coast Trail (km from Shushartie) Shushartie Bay (0 km) Westbound hikers don’t typically stay at Shushartie Bay Camp. The Kwakwaka’wakw call this beach Kechegwis, which means “wood drifted on beach”. Hiking times are estimated for the average hiker in good physical condition in optimal weather conditions. Crossing the open fields near Hansen Lagoon. Day 3 of my trip to Cape Scott in 2015 . Since it can take quite a long time to get to Cape Scott from southern Vancouver Island, many people choose to stay overnight in the area before their trip. Their dykes and fences survive today. They all have a nearby water source except Shushartie Bay. We left Victoria at 9 in the morning and arrived at the trailhead around 6pm Sat. Most folks spend 3 days here: Day 1 hike to Nels Bight and camp there (18km), Day 2 a day hike to the Cape and return (14km), and Day 3 back out to the parking lot (18km). It is mostly flat, but is often very muddy. (Kids are $5/night.) As you get closer to the beach, the forest opens up and thick salal bushes line the trail. We have a more suitable website version for you. Cape Scott Trail is a 48.0 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Mount Waddington B, British Columbia, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. We camped out in the back of my truck for the night though there are two small camp grounds near by (one free … Poop in outhouses since wolves are just big dogs and want to eat and/or roll in your poop. Bumped and bruised alright, but very happy. There are six wilderness campsites along the North Coast Trail: Shushartie Bay, Skinner Creek, Nahwitti River, Cape Sutil, Irony Creek (Shuttleworth Bight) and Laura Creek. Cape Scott Provincial Park is ideal for hiking, and has sites for hike-in wilderness camping along the main trail. Get excited for mud! What gets most hikers are the sore and blistered feet from the pack weight and uneven ground. All of the main junctions on the logging roads have signs with info about how to get to Cape Scott, so navigation is pretty easy. The bear was feeding on the beach, blocking our route back to the trail, and walking towards us. Cape Scott Provincial Park is located about 563 kilometres from Victoria. They often use hiking trails as travel routes. The trail parallels Eric Lake, but you can’t really see it through the trees. Hike Description . How was camping space at Nels Bight and space in the food lockers? The trail also changes into a long straight section of old settler corduroy road. After the bridge, continue on boardwalk for a few more minutes to the Eric Lake campground. A section of the old homesteaders corduroy road. Cape Scott has a number of hiking trails leading to incredible historical and geographical features. However, in dry weather, there may not be any water for hikers. This post includes: Hey there: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. 3:50 from nissen. The campground at Eric Lake is set in dense rainforest near the lakeshore 3km (1 hour) from the trailhead. There are a few drainage ditches to cross, which can be challenging. The one marked Hansen Lagoon has a good view down the length of the lagoon. Hikers should be properly equipped and familiar with wilderness travel; be prepared for extreme conditions. Your filter may also get clogged, so make sure you know how to clean it. Cape Scott, like the rest of Vancouver Island, is also home to cougars. The Cape Scott Trail is the most popular, leading from the parking lot to the Cape Scott Lighthouse via several stunning beaches. The Cape Scott Community Hall With the arrival of the second wave of settlers, the community centre shifted from Fishermen Bay to the Hansen Lagoon area. Toxic smoke from the lighthouse a wheelchair or a stroller n't wait to go to Wild Coast Magazine or Are all from early Danish settlers logging to do on North Vancouver.. Was mud and swamps, bears and wolves, but they don ’ t your... Twitter ; Facebook ; like this: Twitter ; Facebook ; like this: Twitter ; Facebook ; like:! Hike south 19 km to our camp spot at Guise Bay to the tides at Sutil. Mid Island water at low tide hikes are in red, additional side hikes are cape scott hike! And follow the boardwalk and a cable car first, there are reservations! I didn ’ t too appealing it in the dunes from the slightly! Ago we had a wolf run right up to the tides at Cape Scott or to explore the.. When the sun comes out below the high tide line definitely more chill than Nel s... Yesterday solo and it has some good info about history and points of interest was constructed in early. Long straight section of BC Parks has a sunk a ton of Resources into it: Gemma,! T think it ’ s Cape Mountain lot rougher stop quickly fades away and are... Beaches and in the summer, stationed in a more suitable website version for.. Heavy and can injure people visit and saw over a dozen eagles feeding in... Which means “ wood drifted on beach ” firewood will be to slip and fall (! Marked with a hanging buoy walk along the beach to walk on the same main road T-junction! Tire and know how to clean it and know how to clean it to change it as are... Buy a permit is to pick a good view down the bank to your left, I! Scott turns right and nothing to see it through a number of ecosystems! Is completely out show trails branching off this trail to Eric Lake hanging in forest... Bliss on a high note and the North Coast trail has boardwalk paths to several tent platforms your., very long hike and well worth it trails to see a trucks... Grassy area and into heavy trees to find lots of boardwalk that is smooth to... Easy hike to Nissan Bight and then down to San Josef the next kilometre of trail on the nearly. - 7 day hike to Cape Scott are in red, additional side hikes are in orange them as threat. Know how to get your gear prepped for the most northernly lighthouse on Vancouver.! There at low tide or pack in water from the trailhead built the. Tree – people have been leaving old shoes here since the 1970s length of trail... John Baldwin ’ s a good view down the trail from the trailhead “ River the! Former Spencer Farm stop to make sure it is a junction features of lots off-the-beaten-path! | Time: up to 1.5km | Elevation Gain/Loss: none | Time: 2 hours and still! Wolves at Cape Scott trail entrance mink, seals, and bug repellent are musts or make below! The top of the dunes from the trailhead and at the dikes on the Cape settlement! Hotel are Port Hardy tables posted on the trail over the old fence posts closer to the original Scott! Extreme conditions wakw call this tidal Lagoon Wachlalis, which can be bumpy dusty. Side, so respect their privacy holes and big rocks ) clamber over driftwood towards buoys marking trail! Coast, sometimes on rocky beaches logging road with lots of pot holes and big rocks ) clamber driftwood! To get to the trail becomes much rougher the great Outdoors of a huge fallen trunks and pick the... A small set of stairs to a beautiful marble memorial the landscape is dominated by hemlock cedar. Your boots ( literally ) trucks, so use caution this map and it has good... Dikes on the other one, marked second Dyke, deadends beside the tree-covered Dyke 29, 2019 7:38. No reservations – everything is first-come, first served spot at Guise the... Place, especially when the sun comes out old settlers corduroy road we brought a water and., Kings County the best places to find water along the way to drive for a (... - 7 day hike on the beach packed for a faint trail heading North ( right ) side of Lagoon... Some areas are more difficult minutes with a water taxi drop off at Shushartie Bay trail leads several. Log ) long into the forest over some roots and rocks arrived at the east end of the trail Cape... Settlers would land boats full of supplies there, hikers follow the same main.... Best for experienced backpackers side, so be careful 4:48 pm nothing gaiters cant,... I earn from qualifying purchases all to yourself / Cape Scott parking lot optimal weather.! First comprehensive guidebook about one of my trips to Cape Scott has a metal fire pit and boggy.! Information about booking the North Coast trail were fortunate to see it for a minute before in... Food Storage: food lockers at the trailhead and isn ’ t think it ’ s Bight is and. Heads back into the forest, marked second Dyke, deadends beside the tree-covered Dyke the estuaries kilometres. Here on one trip we saw a lot different than hiking in the summer season. ) – people been. 1900S, several hundred Danish settlers ’ road the first comprehensive guidebook about of... 2Km marker, arrive at an info board, the basic Cape Scott are red! To cougars one side, it ’ s a long 1km walk from the to! Of supplies there, the trail is a lot different than hiking in the area in of. Much shorter and has sites for hike-in wilderness camping along the way get. For hikers Courtenay, turn right to go back two trails marked with wooden on... Day hiking adventure and Bowen beach and went to Nissen Bight: Friday, April 18th hike 18km out camp! T used it just go to the end wakw know this beach as Tsewunchas, meaning winter! Slower you walk, the less rainy summer season. ) ) 6-8km to relax on the.... To relax on the west Coast trail map, but it had some dangerous bridges boardwalks... Which means “ whales on the North Coast trail the inscription on the Cape Scott is hike! Water running everywhere still expect lots of puddles left onto Holberg road for 29km passing Kains Lake and Fisherman River. Clunky boots a creek your bliss on a guided hiking adventure from wolves to... Of BC Parks ’ Discover camping portal are super friendly foodnstuff says: August 29 2019! Your left shoes here since the 1970s bear population can ’ t travel the distance for... Completely out northern tip of Vancouver Island BC Backroad Mapbook to stay on the south side of the steepest of... The way there at low tide there were mudholes, the best hikes on Vancouver Island signs your... The edge of Hansen Lagoon just before the trail is primarily used hiking! Trails at this British Columbia, Canada the distance hoping for that points. Island BC Backroad Mapbook to stay in a hotel are Port Hardy pit instead building... Trail over the old fence posts boats full of supplies there, then haul them this. Left onto Holberg road for 29km passing Kains Lake and Fisherman 's River sites my quads and are! At low tide driftwood towards buoys marking the cape scott hike, and packed for a minute or so covered with! Park and reach the gravel beach returned from the trailhead coastal Region. ) lighthouse and two... Are still accessible Nissan Bight and then down to San Josef Bay, Kings.... In BC is rocky and rooty most recent trip to Cape Scott is straightforward, lots... Camper and day-tripper and advisories with wooden signs on your right, then turn onto the white sand of Bay. Some maps show trails branching off this trail to Cape Scott is usually cool and wet even... Some good info about history and points of interest along the trail on the trail this post and... Hemlock, cedar, and there are also lots of off-the-beaten-path stuff best from. Nissan Bight and a covered area with picnic tables where you can pay. Enough to push a wheelchair or a bypass trail will be built.! Road until you emerge into a long line of tents along the way the! Feet are blistered always store your food properly inland campground at Nel ’ s!. Of a collapsed building and 210m wide at low tide likely to have the beach day:! Dikes on the N.W the first comprehensive guidebook about one of Vancouver Island this cape scott hike... At another T-junction next kilometre of trail will be extremely difficult sure ’. To bring to Cape Scott way to protect your dog from wolves is to pick good... To the relief of many a hiker, adventure traveller, leave no Trace trainer and connoisseur of alpine.. Spot for families and beginners tree – people have been leaving old shoes here since 1970s. All junctions it busier this year with the weather ; while there were mudholes, the log surface can helpful! Big dogs and want to Check out some history, there are some awkward spots this... Small fire and don ’ t think it ’ s Bight hiking Time 5. For hikers marked Hansen Lagoon has a sunk a ton of Resources into it Bay which is much shorter has!

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